Tell Congress to Expel George Santos

Representative George Santos won't resign, so it's time for Congress to expel him.  The House can do it with a 2/3 vote. Tell them to do it NOW.

Santos may well be the biggest liar ever to to be a member of Congress, and that's saying a lot. He lied about his work experience. He lied about his education. He lied about being Jewish. He lied about his grandparents being Holocaust survivors. Bizarrely, he even lied about being on a championship volleyball team -- at a school he never attended.

And somehow, it gets worse. Now it appears that Santos swindled a disabled veteran out of thousands of dollars raised to save the veteran's dying dog.

God only knows what else will come out about Santos. But there is already more than enough reason to kick him out of Congress. And if Republicans won't do it, they should be forced to vote on it -- and go on record in defense of Santos -- every single day. 

Tell Congress to Expel George Santos NOW

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