Panera's Charged Lemonade Has Been Linked to Two Deaths. Demand Justice.

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  • destinatário: Panera CEO José Alberto Dueñas
By now you've likely heard about the heartbreaking deaths that have been linked to Panera Bread's Charged Lemonade. Sarah Katz was just 21 years old, a brilliant young student; Dennis Brown was 46 years-old, a beloved member of his family. We must demand justice for these two victims and their grieving families, and ensure the safety of others who could also be at risk.

Sign the petition demanding that Panera Bread CEO José Alberto Dueñas take accountability and support the families of the victims!

Two lawsuits brought by the victims' families allege that Panera didn't sufficiently label their Charged Lemonade, warning consumers of the shockingly high caffeine content. If you reached for a lemonade, would you assume it contained higher levels of caffeine than coffee or energy drinks?

Sarah Katz had a heart condition that she was extremely careful about -- according to a friend, Sarah never would've touched the lemonade with a "10-foot pole" had she known how much caffeine it contained. But Sarah had no idea, and after drinking the lemonade in September 2022, she went into cardiac arrest and tragically passed away.

Dennis Brown, a 46-year-old man with an intellectual disability, frequented his local Panera after work. He had no idea that Panera's Charged Lemonade contained an alarming 390 milligrams of caffeine, more than if you combined Red Bull and Monster energy drinks together. Because of his high blood pressure, Dennis avoided energy drinks -- but because Panera didn't adequately advertise the wildly high caffeine content, Dennis drank three. He died from a cardiac arrest on his way home.

Panera's response to these tragic incidents has been cold and unsatisfactory. Despite the overwhelming evidence, they maintain that their products are safe, leaving families like Dennis's and Sarah's in anguish. We believe that Panera must take accountability for these deaths and at the very least, provide financial support to the affected families.

Dennis Brown and Sarah Katz were not mere statistics; they were loved ones who brought joy to their families and communities. By signing this petition, you join us in demanding justice and urging Panera to make amends. Let us come together to ensure that no more lives are lost to dangerous products, and that grieving families receive the support they deserve.

Sign this petition today to tell Panera that we will not stand by silently while they disregard the safety of their customers and deny responsibility for these tragic losses!
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