David's law (cystic fibrosis) enzymes policy

    Cystic fibrosis is the number one killer in children and adults we have been working on David's law for many years and currently the law is used in some states as well as private schools here is what the law does for these students

    1 allows the patient to carry 50 enzymes during the school day and to be able to be taken for each meal.and snack

    2 allows the cf students to carry a wayter bottle to the desk due to cf meds we get very thirsty at times

    3 allows more time for testing and compliance of home work due to having many hrs of treatment s each day

    4 always allow a cf patient to use the restroom without asking are stomach s do not work the same way others do

    5 of a cf patient is in the hospital the home work will be on hold until released from the hospital and days will not be counted against the cf student because many of us are in the hospital. For weeks at a time

    6 allows cf students and asthma students to carry there own Inhaler we added this because a asthma student wenknow the family passed away because he could not get the meds that he needed

    7 more lunch time or be able to take some food to next class eating is very important for cystic fibrosis students because we have weight issues and we have use are food inare body in different ways then other people
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