Stand with Environmental Changemakers

Climate change and environmental problems affect all of us–but the burden is not distributed evenly. Communities in low-income countries suffer the most from these threats but often have the fewest resources to respond to them.

Around the world, however, TechnoServe is working to help enterprising women and men boost the resilience of their own farms and businesses, protect vital natural resources, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions and climate change globally.

 Elisa and Javier were among the hundreds of Puerto Rican farmers whose coffee crops were wiped out in 2017's Hurricane Maria. Their farm and livelihood are still threatened by increasing temperatures, erratic rainfall, and severe weather events

The Changemaking Solution: Elisa and Javier worked with TechnoServe to learn regenerative agriculture techniques that: 

  • Improved the health and productivity of their coffee
  • Reduced the need for harmful chemicals
  • Rejuvenated soil and prevent erosion
  • Strengthened the resilience of their entire farm
  • Protects natural resources and biodiversity in the community

"For years, farmers here have lost hope because of earthquakes, hurricanes, the pandemic…you name it," says Elisa. "TechnoServe worked hand-in-hand with us, treated us like family, and gave us a sense of hope."

We can't do it alone. Your activism and support make stories like Elisa's and Javier's possible. Sign today so that we can continue to champion Environmental Changemakers around the world! 

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