Sign to Save the Life of Children Like Entisar

Four years of ongoing conflict and economic decline have created the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

When an Action Against Hunger community health worker first spotted 15-month-old Entisar, it was clear the little girl was severely malnourished. Her bones were visible, her eyes were sunken—she needed help fast. She was admitted for immediate treatment, and we trained Entisar's mother how to treat her at home with therapeutic food . Entisar is getting better and back to playing with her brothers and sisters as she used to, with a big smile on her face, even amidst the chaos around her.

Many children suffering through emergencies won't survive without humanitarian assistance. And survival is not enough: these children need access to good nutrition and health services to help them thrive for the rest of their lives. Malnutrition in children under the age of five puts them at greater risk of disease and severe long-term health and developmental issues.

Entisar was lucky but, together, we can ensure that her story won't be the last happy ending. Action Against Hunger aims to double the number of children treated for acute malnutrition to six million children a year by 2020. Will you join our fight?

Add your name to show our world leaders that you want to double the number of children treated for acute malnutrition by 2020.

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