Protect the Clean Water Act!

The Trump administration wants to strip Clean Water Act protections from millions of miles of streams and more than half the nation's wetlands. This Dirty Water Rule would put drinking water for millions of Americans at risk of pollution and destruction.

Losing these protections would jeopardize the health of our communities and families. It would impact the small businesses like craft breweries, coffee shops, outdoor recreation companies, and others that rely on access to clean water to power our local economies. It would threaten the habitat for wildlife throughout the nation.

No one benefits from this dangerous scheme except for the corporate special interests like agribusiness, developers, and the fossil fuel industry who have tried to gut the safeguards for our water for decades.

We have to stop the Dirty Water Rule. It's bad for our communities, our small businesses, wildlife, and our families.

RE: Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2018-0149

Dear Administrator Wheeler,

Your proposal to eliminate Clean Water Act protections from over half of our nation's wetlands and thousands of miles of small streams is unacceptable. Please withdraw this reckless Dirty Water Rule.

The Dirty Water Rule puts all of our water at risk because small streams and wetlands impact the water quality of larger streams and rivers, including drinking water sources. Wetlands filter pollution and buffer communities from floodwaters. Yet your proposal ignores these vital benefits and instead gives fossil fuel companies, real estate developers, and other industries a free pass to pollute or destroy these water bodies.

The Dirty Water Rule is an unprecedented rollback of protections for our nation's waters that makes no scientific or legal sense. It threatens public health and the environment—which EPA is supposed to protect. While some of our rivers and bays are cleaner than they were only a few decades ago, we still face many challenges when it comes to safeguarding our water from pollution. Now is not the time to move backward.

We need to do more to protect our water, not less. I urge you to withdraw the Dirty Water Rule—a reckless polluter giveaway—and instead protect clean water for all of us.

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