Sign now to support carbon neutrality in Ontario!

Climate change isn't coming; it's here.

The choices the next Ontario government makes about how to deal with it will influence everything in our lives from health care to jobs, transportation to food supply. It will affect how we deal with the impacts of severe weather changes and how we shape our communities long into the future.

Since Doug Ford has taken office, emissions in Ontario have skyrocketed. Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZOs) have been granted without proper public consultations — a move Ontario courts have ruled illegal — threatening to destroy more of our precious wetlands.

This fall you heard that the Ontario Greens have a bold plan to combat the climate crisis and make every part of our lives healthier, happier, safer and more equitable. A healthier climate improves the health of everyone; a greener, more equitable economy will create jobs and make life better for all Ontarians; cleaner water and cleaner air are necessary to sustain life.

Ontario Greens have a plan to reach these goals and go net-zero by 2045, and we want the government — any government — to steal it.

We can't get to net-zero by 2045 without you. Sign now to help us make real progress and reduce climate pollution!
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