Tell U.S. Congress: We Need Funding NOW to End COVID-19 Everywhere

Countries around the world face an urgent crisis of resources to get COVID vaccines from tarmacs into arms before they expire. 

Send a pre-written letter to your members of Congress with 1 click and urge them to invest in equitable access and distribution of vaccines, tests, and treatments to help end the pandemic everywhere.

COVID-19 knows no borders. The only way to stop the pandemic globally is to provide resources immediately to get shots in arms and invest in frontline and community health workers 70% of whom are women.

By taking action today, you urge U.S. Congress to support critically needed funding to vaccinate the world and save lives. Don't wait.

Resources to achieve targets set at the Global COVID-19 Summit must now be allocated quickly to follow through on commitments, accelerate the push for new resources from other nations, and ensure a more equitable response and recovery. Now that the White House has transmitted an emergency supplemental request to Congress, we urge you to allocate sufficient funding to address the global pandemic. 

We are facing an urgent crisis of resources in the fight against COVID-19 – as vaccine doses meant to end the pandemic arrive in ports, they must be coupled with support for frontline health workers and health systems to get those shots in arms before they expire. New resources are needed to live up to our commitments and bring the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic to an end.  An under-resourced global COVID-19 response puts the success of existing global health and development programs at risk if financial and human resources and health systems are stretched beyond their capacity to deliver these critical services. Our past global COVID-19 investments have leveraged existing U.S. global health and development ingenuity, platforms, and relationships to efficiently and effectively make a tremendous impact on the pandemic, but with funding running out, there is a financial and programmatic cliff ahead.

This is your moment to show the world that the U.S. will once again step up to meet the challenges of a global infectious disease pandemic while building a positive, strengthened legacy for the future in health care. Please support emergency funding for the global COVID-19 response before it's too late.

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