Change the future for blind children

Blind children are bright. Blind children like reading. Blind children like sport and art, playing hide and seek and telling jokes.

But some blind children are living their life in the dark. Not because they can't see, but because of the way they are treated. Blind children are not given the same opportunities to learn that other children have. Blind children can be excluded and feel isolated and lonely. Blind children are more likely to be bullied than their peers and to suffer from anxiety.

At RSBC (Royal Society for Blind Children) we exist to make life better. We know if a blind child is given the right specialist support to learn and join in, they have the same chances as other children their age to succeed and achieve their dreams. 

In 2019, no blind child should be without support to help them achieve their potential. We demand a brighter future for blind children. We want children today to be the first generation of blind children to truly live beyond their sight loss.

Demand a brighter future for blind children. And when you sign up to hear more from RSBC we'll tell you how you can make everything a little brighter.

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