Tell UPS: Stop transporting cruelty!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of wild animals will be captured from the wild or bred in captivity and become part of the "exotic" pet industry. Thousands more will die before they even reach the point of being sold.

UPS is a link in this chain of cruelty. As one of the largest shipping companies in the world, UPS should be a leader in wildlife protection. Instead, UPS is a key link in the supply chain transporting wild animals across the United States to a life of suffering in captivity.

Despite publicly listing birds and snakes as prohibited animals, UPS is the preferred shipper by many breeders and retailers of these animals in the United States. UPS also accepts shipment of amphibians, turtles, fish, and some reptiles.

It's time for the suffering to end. Demand that UPS stop contributing to this cruelty.

Sign the petition to tell UPS to stop shipping wild animals.

Dear decisionmaker,

We, the undersigned, demand that UPS stop transporting all wild animals.

It is inherently cruel to ship a bird, snake, or other animal in a box. There is no way to reduce this cruelty through faster shipping or a larger box.  The animal will suffer at the hands of UPS.

UPS: stop shipping wild animals.

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