Together we can end poverty for good.

Poverty is an incredibly complex issue. Beyond a lack of access to financial resources, children living in poverty also face issues like malnutrition, poor hygiene and early exposure to drugs and gang violence.

Without help, children in poverty become adults in poverty. Their future children are born into poverty and the cycle continues. But with your support, Children International aims to put an end to generational poverty with a long-term, customized program that stays with children through the first two decades of their lives.

Combining strengths, resources, assets and expertise with our global partners, we work with children, helping them get the health care, education, life skills and confidence they need to break free from poverty. The force of our combined efforts start a powerful multiplier effect that empowers children and youth to change their own lives and futures, transforming their families and communities too. Together, we can change the course of history for generations to come — and end poverty for good.

Add your name to raise awareness about global child poverty and support programs that ensure every child gets the opportunities they need to create a future free from poverty.
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