Child Care Staff Care for Kids: Help Them Access Quality Care for Their Own

While parents are working, child care workers provide a supportive, caring environment for children to learn and grow. But who cares for the children of child care staff while they are taking care of our kids?

For too many child care workers, the cost of quality care is out of reach. A year's worth of child care can cost more than $11,400 per child in Iowa. But the average Iowa child care worker earns $22,320 a year – child care costs would eat up half of their income!

A bill moving through the Iowa legislature (House File 343), guarantees full-time child care employees would be eligible for state child care assistance. If it passes, this will help more providers stay in the field at a time when many are leaving due to low wages. 

Tell your lawmaker to pass House File 343 today.

As an Iowa voter, I'm passionate about ensuring all children and families have the resources they need to thrive, and I'm excited about the opportunity to invest in parents working in the child care field. House File 343 does just that.

Child care can cost more than $11,400 per child per year in Iowa. That's almost 15% more than the $9,942 in-state tuition at the University of Iowa. Because the average Iowa child care worker earns $22,302 a year, the high cost of quality care makes it out of reach for many providers.

In order to ensure that parents who work in the child care field can afford care for their own children, House File 343 guarantees parents employed full-time at a child care facility or child care home are eligible for state child care assistance. This is an important step in ensuring all parents and children have what they need to thrive. It will also help retain the child care workforce, who are leaving the field in large numbers. 

Please support child care assistance for child care workers. Pass House File 343.

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