Help women around the world gain access to contraception.

Over 150 million women and girls globally are having sex without access to contraception. In a study of married and unmarried women in low and middle-income countries with an unmet need for contraception, many women pointed to having infrequent sex, as well as their fear of health risks and side effects, as their reason for contraceptive non-use.

Women should be prepared, protected, and in control before, during, and after sex. Having access to woman-controlled, on-demand contraception methods could help avoid one million unplanned pregnancies and over 250,000 abortions each year.

These women view continuous methods, such as a daily birth control pill, as burdensome instead of beneficial. They share that they want contraception that is women-controlled – discrete and within their control – and on-demand – convenient and used only once before, during or after sex. Current methods being explored include a weekly pill, a female diaphragm and a spermicidal gel.

The good news: through the Children's Investment Fund Foundation-funded project RWSI, Population Services International is helping to develop methods that are more on-demand. Our market analysis seeks to improve our understanding of the potential impact and outcomes of introducing woman-controlled, on-demand options –understanding consumer preferences, access barriers and the journey to their widespread use.

Sign this petition to help increase awareness and access to women-controlled, on-demand contraception methods for women globally.
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