Pledge Your Support with NAF To Help High School Students Accomplish Their Dreams

From a young age, Alessio had an entrepreneurial spirit—and a curiosity that made him interested in how he could shape his own success. Before entering high school, Alessio had an idea. He gathered a few family members and kids from around the block to help wash cars throughout the neighborhood. In the end, they washed just two cars. But as Alessio returned home from his day's work, he not only found a few hard-earned dollar bills in his pocket; he also found his calling.

When he entered high school the following year, he knew he wanted to succeed in the world of finance, and to shape his future as an entrepreneur and business owner. There was just one problem—Alessio wasn't the biggest fan of school. "I just felt like I was never going to use that stuff in the future." Then he discovered NAF, where they helped to propel his dreams into a reality.

Upon his recent NAF Academy graduation, Alessio was given the tools to achieve his goal and is now the CEO and founder of his own online business. "I don't think I can find the words to describe how thankful I am to everyone behind this awesome organization."

NAF is a national network of education, business, and community leaders who work together to ensure high school students are college, career, and future ready. During the 2021-22 school year, over 120,000 students attended 618 NAF academies across 38 states and territories. In 2021, NAF academies reported 99% of seniors graduated with 87% of graduates planning to go to college.

Now you can ensure another student has access to the opportunities to define their future. Sign the pledge today to help students like Alessio achieve their goals through the NAF community.

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