Tell Congress: Pass Legislation to Make Homes More Affordable

America's housing market faces a growing supply shortage of approximately 6 million homes. Low supply coupled with rising demand have caused home prices to skyrocket, putting the dream of homeownership out of reach for many Americans.

Home prices have risen nearly 30% since 2019 and there are only around 1 million homes available for sale now, compared to the near 4 million homes available in 2007.

What can be done? A lot — but Congress must act now.

The American Property Owners Alliance is championing bipartisan policy solutions to improve housing affordability. We're calling on Congress to pass the following legislation to increase the supply of available, affordable homes:

  • The Housing Supply and Affordability Act which provides grants to state and local governments to enact pro-housing policies
  • The Revitalizing Downtowns Act which creates a tax credit to convert unused office buildings into residential and mixed-use properties
  • The Neighborhood Homes Investment Act which provides new incentives to build and rehabilitate homes for low- and moderate-income homeowners

Homeownership remains one of the best ways to build wealth and has far-reaching benefits for families and communities. The federal government plays a critical role in addressing the housing crisis, and it's time for them to act.

Sign the petition to urge Congress to act now to address the housing supply and affordability crisis and protect the dream of homeownership.
Years of underbuilding and underinvestment in housing has left America with a serious housing shortage of approximately 6 million homes. Low supply and rising demand have caused home prices to skyrocket—home prices have risen 30% since 2019.

Unless Congress acts—and soon—this gap in housing supply and demand will continue to widen and drive-up home prices. Please support the Housing Supply and Affordability Act, Revitalizing Downtowns Act, and Neighborhood Homes Investment Act to increase housing supply and improve affordability. Congress must prioritize solutions to American's housing crisis and ensure Americans have access to affordable homes.

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