Tell Senator Sinema: Support the Build Back Better Act

Senator Sinema helped pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan in the Senate, but this plan does not adequately address the climate crisis. Senator Sinema must make climate change a top priority by supporting President Biden's $1.85 trillion Build Back Better Framework.

The Build Back Better Framework makes historic investments in growing sustainable jobs across the country and in repairing our ailing infrastructure, from rebuilding and modernizing roads and bridges to ensuring clean and safe drinking water to increasing broadband access in all communities. The plan directly aims to curb the impacts of climate change that are responsible for the extreme heat that Arizona faces and to bolster our state's resiliency.

Tell Senator Sinema to support President Biden's $1.85 trillion Build Back Better Framework.
As a resident of Arizona, I care deeply about the economy of our state, and I'm concerned about how rising temperatures and climate heat impact our tourism industry. With record heat waves and temperatures higher than 115 degrees this summer, families will think twice about bringing their children to visit Arizona.

I appreciate your work on the bipartisan infrastructure package, but this package does not go far enough to address the growing climate crisis. President Biden's $1.85 trillion Build Back Better Framework with its bold investments in climate solutions — like building out clean energy and electrifying transportation — will help address extreme heat and could directly improve our tourism industry in Arizona.

65% of Arizonans support the Build Back Better Framework, with its ambitious climate and health provisions.

Will you support President Biden's Build Back Better Framework and get us on a path to climate safety? Our tourism industry needs immediate support, which you have helped bring to them. They also need a long-term plan to make sure Arizona remains an attractive and safe tourist destination.
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