Support Haitian nurses as they pull children out of starvation.

1 in 5 children in Haiti is malnourished.

It's a tragedy consuming a country that is already deeply impoverished and struggling to attain lasting peace.

But Partners In Health nurses — women like Esther, Asmin, and their colleagues — are beacons of hope amidst the despair. Every day, they navigate poor roads to make home visits and tend to long lines of young patients at 12 Partners in Health hospitals and clinics across the country.

Last year, our nurses in Haiti treated 8,500 children suffering from malnutrition.

How is this possible? In Haiti, Partners In Health nurses fan out across towns and rural areas to treat children sick from starvation with a lifesaving, calorie-rich peanut paste called Nourimanba. Our nurses bring empathy and expertise to this difficult work, visiting families day after day to nurse children as young as just a few months old back to health.

Over half of Partners In Health's medical workforce are nurses. We know that training, empowering and equipping nurses is often the best way to help families in the world's most impoverished places stay healthy. But we can't do it alone.

Pledge to stand with Partners In Health and support these talented nurses as they wake up every morning ready to save lives.
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