Tell State Legislators: Listen to Us, Not Special Interests

Every working family should have a fair chance to make ends meet, but corporate special interests are blocking our power to ensure Louisianans can earn a living wage.

Louisiana has the highest proportion of minimum wage workers in the country, but our minimum wage is stuck at $7.25 an hour—a wage no one can live on. Corporate lobbyists have pressured state legislators not to raise the minimum wage statewide—and not to allow your city or any city in Louisiana to raise the minimum wage. We should be able to decide to raise wages and do what's right for our own communities.

Special interests have pushed laws that put profits ahead of people in Louisiana. As a result, minimum wage workers who work hard for 40 hours a week are still stuck living below the poverty line. These same workers can't afford to take time off to care for newborns or sick loved ones.

Over 80 percent of Louisianans support raising the minimum wage to improve the lives of workers and strengthen our local economies.

It's time to let our communities make the decisions about what's best for our families. Tell state legislators that we deserve the right to decide what's good for our own communities. Keep corporate lobbyists out of the conversation.

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