Youth Mental Health is at a Breaking Point - Sign the Pledge!

After three years of loneliness and isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health is at a breaking point for vulnerable youth. Every day, British Columbia is reporting more and more teens fighting anxiety, depression — even suicidal thoughts.

Recently, BC Children's Hospital reported an alarming statistic. Two out of three young people are currently experiencing mood swings, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts post-pandemic. Unfortunately, research also shows that more than half of those young people will not get the treatment they need to overcome these challenges. This often results in youth ending up in emergency rooms, the justice system, facing homelessness or worse.

It is beyond clear that this has become an emergency situation. Right now, it's absolutely essential for us to take action by supporting the mental health of youth in our communities. By adding your name to the pledge, you can say 'enough is enough.' 

Organizations in BC like the Take a Hike Foundation have already recognized this life-threatening crisis and are quickly pivoting to give youth the mental health support they need. "The past three school years have been met with unpredictability due to the pandemic. This changed how youth experienced school life and connection with peers and impacted the way they were able to manage their mental health and home lives."Pete Prediger, Clinical Director, Take A Hike Foundation

Through partnership with public schools, Take a Hike provides a supportive community, powerful life skills and mental health services that help kids succeed — both in and out the classroom. It's a known fact that when youth have a place to belong, their well being significantly improves. A sense of safety and strong relationships can be life-changing in helping them realize they are not alone. 

This is such an urgent matter, and it impacts all of us here in BC. Will you please use your voice to elevate this issue and sign our pledge now? By joining forces today, we can create real change for vulnerable youth in desperate need of mental health care.
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