The hidden cost of cancer: Linda and Carl's Story

"If we'd had nowhere to stay in Brisbane during our cancer treatments, we think we would have just had to pull the pin on it," says Carl.

Carl was speaking of himself and his wife Linda, who both had cancer in 2017. Already only living on $350 a week between them, the Roma locals were financially devastated by their diagnoses and treatment.

Carl's cancer started out with what he thought was a spider bite on his upper back. Within a few short weeks, the lump had grown to the size of a baseball. By the time he was seen by a visiting medical service from South Australia, the lump was the size of a junior football.

The experience has left them financially devastated. "All of a sudden we have no work and no money left," says Linda.

Carl says he seriously considered whether to continue with treatment because of the cost. If they hadn't been able to get accommodation, he feels they simply could not have afforded to stay in Brisbane for his radiotherapy.

That's where Cancer Council Queensland comes in. Thousands of Queenslanders donate and volunteer for us each day, helping us to improve cancer control and support patients like Linda and Carl so they can receive the care they need to stay alive and keep fighting. 

We are dedicated to improving quality of life for people like Carl and Linda. And we need your help to keep doing this important work. 

No one should have to worry about whether they can afford the treatment they need to stay alive. Join us and help Cancer Council Queensland support cancer patients like Linda and Carl.
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