Make WA Billionaires Pay What They Owe

From gas to groceries, corporations are raising prices to make record profits and pad huge CEO paychecks.

Small businesses and workers pay our share in Washington state taxes but the super rich and big corporations don't. 

The rich use their power to rig the tax system for themselves.Then they can get away with paying as little as possible.

It's time to make Washington's ultra-rich pay what they owe for our schools, health care, and affordable housing. 

Legislators are working NOW on their agendas for the next legislative session. Urge your representatives in Olympia to pass a wealth tax.

We call on our state's lawmakers to make sure Washington's billionaires pay what they owe - just like the rest of us.

We want you to pass a wealth tax on Washington billionaires during the 2023 session.

Until we require the wealthiest to pay their share, we will keep relying on Washington's lowest-income residents to fund our schools, hospitals, and roads. 

Legislators must fix Washington State's unfair tax code. 

We came together to pass capital gains, a small tax on their massive stock market profits. 

Now, we must keep working together. We call on you to pass a wealth tax on Washington's billionaires. 

Put people and communities first.

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