Chick-Fil-A Promised to Never Give Its Chickens Antibiotics That Can Harm Consumers. Now, It's Going Back on Its Word.

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: Chick-Fil-A CEO Andrew T. Cathy
Every day, we rely on the companies and manufacturers around us to keep us safe. Think about it -- the car we buy to drive our kids to school in, the fire and carbon monoxide detector that we use to keep our homes secure, the cosmetics and personal care products that we put on our bodies. We need these things to meet certain safety standards, and we depend on the people making them to ensure these standards are met!

And that definitely goes for the companies making our food. Their products go in our bodies, and are meant to fuel and nourish us, not put our health at risk. Yet, despite this important responsibility, billion-dollar company Chick-Fil-A has still decided to start giving their chickens antibiotics -- going back on a decade-long promise to never put people's health on the line like this.

Sign the petition demanding that Chick-Fil-A cancel this plan that would put people's health at dire risk!

Antibiotics used in chickens and other livestock are a real problem. When animals are pumped full of antibiotics, any antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the animals' bodies are able to continue to live and grow. Then, these bacteria can get onto our food products during meat processing -- or even onto fruits and vegetables if they come in contact with animal feces through water or soil. People exposed can get antibiotic-resistant infections, meaning they're more likely to be hospitalized, be sick for a really long time, or even die from what should be treatable infections!

In the livestock industry, antibiotics are often used not just on sick animals, but on perfectly healthy ones to make them grow exorbitantly big really quickly -- bigger animals faster means more profits for meat suppliers.

For too long, factory farms in the US have gotten away with cutting corners and abusing shortcuts on its fast track to profits. It feels like every day there is a news story about animals being held in the cruelest of conditions, or falling sick due to negligence, or a whole host of other horrors. It's high time that the animal agriculture industry took a responsible, compassionate, healthy approach to meat production -- and pumping animals full of antibiotics isn't it.

As a huge buyer of chicken, Chick-Fil-A must set an example for meat suppliers -- keep antibiotics out of our food! Sign the petition if you want to see Chick-Fil-A's CEO take a stand and move his company back in the right direction.
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