Tell Congress: Stop Giving Tax Dollars to China's Government-Owned Companies

China's state-owned companies are trying to drive U.S. rail car and bus manufacturers out of business, threatening countless American jobs and putting our national security at risk.

The worst part? American taxpayers are the ones paying for passenger transit rail cars and buses made by companies that are owned or controlled by the Chinese government — even in cases where there are American manufacturers ready to do this work at a fair price!

Right now, Congress is considering legislation to prohibit tax dollars from being used to purchase rail cars and buses made by Chinese state-owned or controlled companies.

Let's get this effort over the finish line!

To whom it may concern: 

I strongly oppose using tax dollars to buy rail cars and buses from companies owned, controlled, or subsidized by China. As you work to complete the annual defense authorization bill (NDAA), I ask you to support Section 6015 of the Senate-passed bill which prohibits giving tax dollars to these companies.

China is aggressively trying to wipe out our rail and bus manufacturing capabilities as part of its "Made in China 2025" plan. Two of its companies - China Railway Rolling Stock Corp. (CRRC) and Build Your Dreams (BYD) – are winning contracts with impossibly low bids. Their goal isn't to make money on individual contracts, but, rather, to eliminate the competition and gain a monopoly. This is bad for our economy and puts our national security at risk.

As you work to complete the defense bill, please support the Senate's stronger funding ban which applies to ALL rolling stock, including buses. The House bill is more limited and only covers rail cars, leaving countless American jobs at risk.

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