These Popular Period Products Contain Dangerous 'Forever Chemicals,' and the Companies Aren't Doing Anything About It

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: Thinx and Knix Wear

Two companies who market their products as making the menstruation process more comfortable have come under fire for containing dangerous 'forever chemicals' known as PFAs. The chemicals, which do not break down in the environment and can have terrible consequences for public health, should not be in any clothing or underwear products -- especially when they've actively been marketed as being safe and natural. But consumers are standing up to the corporations who are responsible. Thinx is facing a class action lawsuit in California, and two other California women are suing the Canadian company Knix Wear for misleading marketing claims, too. It is time both Thinx and Knix take responsibility and repair the harms they've caused.

Sign now to demand that Thinx and Knix eliminate all PFAs from their products, compensate anyone who has experienced negative health consequences from their clothing/underwear, and offset the dangerous environmental impacts of using these chemicals in the past!

The last thing that a person who is on their period needs is to be worried about is if their underwear is safe or not, but Thinx and Knix clearly do not care about the health of their customers. Given the nickname 'forever chemicals' because they do not break down in the environment, PFAs can be extremely dangerous to human health. The chemicals have been linked to weakened childhood immunity, endocrine disruption, increased cholesterol levels, low birth weight, and other weight issues in both children and adults. For the company to market their products as healthy, safe, and natural -- all while using harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process -- is unfair to consumers everywhere, and especially women, who are most often the target of their advertising. On top of that, our ecosystems are already polluted enough. The last thing we need is more products that will linger in the environment, causing harm to an untold number of plants and animals for decades or centuries.

Thinx and Knix have the opportunity to use the fire they're under as a chance to take responsibility and begin to undo some of the harm they've caused. First and foremost, the company must remove all PFAs from their products to protect the environment and their consumers moving forward. In addition, we must demand they compensate any and all consumers whose health was negatively impacted by the PFAs in their period products. Finally, both companies need to donate to environmental causes and organizations to offset some of the untold damage they've caused to ecosystems by using PFAs. Sign the petition now to tell both Thinx and Knix that it is time they finally take responsibility for their actions!

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