Demand an end to cruel animal trapping with steel jawed traps which cause hours of agonizing pain even to our PETS !

    2 of my dogs have painfully died in these barbaric traps & 1 lost her leg cruelly & needlessly. Believe me I searched for the traps & the hunter who left them & it wouldn't have been anything nice for us to have met. I feel like my dogs are my kids. 1 that died was a little Beagle named Sweetie Cakes, 1 was a Border Collie named Pepper,. & 1 that lost her leg was an Australian Shepherd named Missy. Only my Black Lab named Sambo was left in the wind up. I never knew what had happened to the 2 until Missy managed to make it home after a week dragging her mangled, bloody half leg behind her. PLEASE HELP PUT A STOP TO TRAPPING WITH THESE HORRIBLE INHUMANE PAINFUL STEEL TRAPS ! WILD ANIMALS HURT TOO & THERE ARE OTHER ALTERNATIVES !!!!!!!!!
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