Stop Orca Shows

  • av: Save Orca Family
  • mottagare: Shintaro Ito, Minister of the Environment / Koichi Murata, Chairman of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Four orcas (who are all related) are likely being exported from France to Japan in the near future and they will be split up and distributed amongst three Japanese aquariums. Kobe Suma SeaWorld in Japan, scheduled to open in early 2024, is the newest facility and they are planning on featuring orca shows. We would like to express our deep concerns and opposition to this plan.

Informed by new scientific knowledge and award-winning documentary films, such as Blackfish, which detailed the life of Tillikum, an orca at Sea World that was involved in the death three people, societal attitudes and values are changing and progressing. Ever growing numbers of people find orca captivity, especially for frivolous entertainment purposes, objectionable and view it as something that should no longer be allowed.

As a modern nation, Japan should stop the expansion of the whale and dolphin entertainment industry and join with other jurisdictions around the world in protecting whales, dolphins and other wildlife from commercial exploitation in entertainment shows.

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