Redirect Aid to Hawaii, Not Ukraine

    As a concerned citizen deeply affected by the recent devastating wildfire in Hawaii, I am starting this petition to urge President Biden to reconsider his decision of sending financial aid to Ukraine. Instead, I propose that the allocated funds be redirected towards helping the people of Hawaii rebuild their lives and communities after this tragic event.

The wildfire that swept through the state of Hawaii has left countless families homeless and devastated. Witnessing friends and neighbors lose everything they owned has been heart-wrenching. The destruction caused by this natural disaster is immense, leaving many struggling to find shelter, food, and basic necessities.

    It is during times like these that we need our government's support more than ever. However, it is disheartening to learn that President Biden plans on sending financial aid to Ukraine while our own citizens are suffering right here at home. We believe it is crucial for our government officials to prioritize the needs of American citizens before allocating funds overseas.

1. According to reports from local authorities, over 400 homes have been destroyed in the recent Hawaiian wildfire.
2. The estimated cost of rebuilding homes and infrastructure damaged by the wildfire exceeds millions of dollars.
    3. The current financial aid package proposed for Ukraine amounts to billions of dollars.

By redirecting these funds towards assisting those affected by the Hawaiian wildfire, we can provide immediate relief and support for those who have lost everything they own.

We understand that international relations are important; however, as responsible citizens who care deeply about our fellow Americans in need, we strongly believe that prioritizing domestic assistance should be paramount at this time.

    President Biden has an opportunity here not only to address a national crisis but also demonstrate his commitment towards supporting American citizens during times of distress. Let us come together and demand that the allocated funds be redirected to Hawaii, where they can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this devastating wildfire.

Sign this petition to show your support for redirecting aid to Hawaii, not Ukraine. Together, we can ensure that our government takes care of its people and helps rebuild our communities.
    Signera petitionen
    Signera petitionen
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