One Million for 100% Renewable Energy

"With 100 percent renewable energy, we could power our society reliably without polluting our communities or leaving environmental devastation in our wake. But to make that vision a reality, we need to demonstrate the broad nationwide support for transitioning to a sustainable society. Add your voice and become one of One Million for 100% Renewable Energy to join a growing community of changemakers and take coordinated and strategic action to move our country and our planet to 100 percent."

Essentially, we're trying to reach as many supporters of 100% renewable energy as we possibly can. We know the voices are out there; we just need to lift them up. Not only does signing onto this petition mean that you're voicing your support for 100% renewable energy, but it's a way to learn more about how to take further actions on the way to turning that vision into a reality.

It'll take many, many actions to reach 100%. Just like it will take many, many actions to reach one million supporters of that goal. But city by city, state by state, petition by petition, I believe that we can and must unite to shift our energy system to one that protects our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. I hope you'll join me in that work.

Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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