Demand the Senate subpoena Samuel Alito ASAP!

Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has rejected Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin's request for a meeting to discuss Justice Alito's display of a pro-insurrection flag at his home.

Democrats had asked for the meeting to make sure Roberts takes steps to ensure that Alito recuses himself from any cases concerning the Jan. 6 mob attack or Trump's attempts to overturn his 2020 election defeat. Now that Alito has refused to recuse himself and Roberts has refused the reasonable meeting request, it's time to stop asking.

Tell the Judiciary Committee to compel Alito, Roberts, and Thomas to appear before the committee!

It's time to send a message that the Supreme Court is not immune to the checks and balances that maintain a baseline of ethical behavior in a democratic society. The right-wing justices clearly feel they are immune to any consequence of their action and don't have to answer to anybody — and aren't afraid to show their contempt for the rest of us.

It is wildly unethical and improper for Alito — and fellow insurrectionist wife-haver Clarence Thomas, for that matter — to rule on any Trump cases. If the Supreme Court won't enforce any kind of ethical code for itself, the Senate needs to take much stronger action than just sending a polite letter. We need subpoenas and we needed them six months ago.

Demand the Senate subpoena Samuel Alito ASAP!

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