Tell CNN: "Don't let Mike Pence get away with lies tonight”

CNN is holding a presidential town hall tonight with Mike Pence, who will answer questions and no doubt tell bald-faced lies.   As he has been for years, in spite of his fake folksy facade. 

CNN needs to call him out on these lies in real time. To his face. In plain words that he understands.  They've done a lousy job with other Republican candidates so far, and we need to demand they do better.

CNN shouldn't be holding this event at all, given all the damage that Pence helped enable Trump to do. But if they're going to do it, and give Pence air time, they need to push back hard on his lies -- and call them lies. Not weasel words ("difference of opinion", "disagreement", etc).  And they need to do it in real time.

Add your name, and tell CNN: "Don't let Mike Pence get away with lies tonight!" 

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