A Horse Collapsed on This Big-Budget Movie Set, But They're Still Using Innocent Animals

  • av: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: Gladiator 2 film production team
Hollywood is abuzz with rumors and excitement about the new star-studded Gladiator 2 movie, tentatively set to be released in late 2024. But new reports allege that the production is using live animals on set - including horses and macaque monkeys.

According to one source, a horse even collapsed on set due to the extreme weather conditions in Malta, where filming took place.

Sign now to demand the production team working on Gladiator 2 replace all real animals with CGI to stop this abuse!

Horses and monkeys are complex, sentient creatures, and should never be used for human entertainment. Who knows how many more could get hurt in the filming process? We must protect the ones being used on this set!

In the past decade, the use of CGI has risen dramatically in Hollywood - and this is great news for animals. Now more than ever, studios are relying on this remarkable technology to produce impressive effects and "sets" for movies and television shows. So why are the producers of Gladiator 2 insisting on using live animals, when CGI is literally easier and more accessible to use than ever?

One horse has already allegedly been injured, and it is our job to stand up and protect the rest of the animals that have been forced onto this set. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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