Liverpool Football Club - Urge Mauritius To End Its Trade in Primates For Vivisection

Liverpool FC has agreed a new partnership with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Economic Development Board Mauritius as the club's official tourism and economic development partner.

Mauritius is one of the world's largest exporters of primates for the global vivisection industry and is the main supplier of monkeys to UK laboratories. Tens of thousands of macaques are kept captive in breeding farms across the country. They spend their lives behind bars, on bare concrete, deprived of the lush foliage of their jungle home that is all around them. From around the age of two years, the youngsters are packed into small wooden crates and exported overseas as cargo on aeroplanes. In 2017, Mauritius accounted for 21% of the world's export of live primates, second only to China which accounted for 37%. Mauritius exports monkeys mainly to laboratories and animal supply companies in the USA and Europe, and, in 2019, exported thousands of individuals overseas to the USA, Canada, France, the UK, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

We are appealing to Liverpool FC to use its considerable influence to help the monkeys of Mauritius by urging the country to stop its involvement in the trade in primates for vivisection.

Photo credit: Cruelty Free International

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