Pets Deserve Fear-Free Vet Visits

  • av: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: American Veterinary Medical Association

If you are or have ever been a pet owner, you know how torturous going to the vet can be for some animals. Even though we take our beloved, furry friends to the veterinary to keep them healthy, they don't always know or understand that -- and from their perspective, vet experiences can be terrifying. Especially for rescue animals with a history of abuse or neglect, going to the vet can trigger a whole lot of legitimate fears in our pets. Fear Free, a professional certification for vets, wants to help change that.

Sign now to tell the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to incentivize animal hospitals to certify their vets as Fear Free!

Fear Free is an amazing certification program for veterinarians that can reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for all those involved. The certification helps make the process of going to the vet safer and more relaxed for pets, owners, and vets alike! 

Unfortunately, very few vets have been certified Fear Free. The American Veterinary Medical Association should incentivize animal hospitals to certify their vets with the Fear Free program. 

All pets deserve comfortable and safe treatment from providers, and it is time we make sure they get that! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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Signera petitionen
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