Turkey's New "Murder Law" Could Kill Thousands of Stray Dogs

In a disturbing turn of events, the Turkish government has proposed an awful policy that puts the lives of millions of stray dogs at risk. Under the new legislation, stray dogs will be captured, sterilized, and then, tragically euthanized if not adopted within 30 days. This proposal has sparked protests in Istanbul – with citizens and animal rights activists calling for a stop to the unnecessary euthanization plan.

Sign this petition to urge the Turkish government to halt the euthanasia aspect of the legislation!

Home to an estimated four million stray dogs, Turkey has faced challenges managing its stray population. However, the government's current plan to manage this through euthanasia is cruel and goes against the research that shows sterilization is enough. Experts and activists suggest that the focus should remain on humane practices such as effective sterilization and not on killing unadopted animals.

The public outcry is significant, with protesters condemning the proposed law as a "murder law," and expressing fears that similar measures could soon extend to other animals, like the beloved cats of Turkey. The Turkish government can and should change its approach to managing stray dogs by continuing the sterilization program and ending the policy of euthanizing the animals.

Sign the petition to demand the Turkish government to stop its plan to kill stray dogs and adopt humane and ethical treatments for these animals!

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Signera petitionen
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