People Are Using Live Animals in the "Claw" Arcade Game and It's So Inhumane

Most of us can remember playing with the toy grabbing claw at our local arcade. The metal, claw-shaped hand that many of us would spend countless tokens on as children trying to win a stuffed animal or baseball card was just as frustrating as it was fun. But there is a new version of the claw game making the rounds in China that is no fun at all.

Recently, a Twitter user posted video of a claw machine in China in which, stuffed animals weren't the only prize. While there were several plush toys, the grand prize was one of a dozen or more live white fluffy puppies that were seemingly stuck in multicolored baskets.

Anyone who's ever played one of these games knows that it takes several tries if ever, to get one of the coveted prizes. In the meantime, the toys are constantly lifted, dropped, banged and even damaged. That's fine when the prize isn't a living thing, but when the reward is a live pup, picking it up and dropping it over and over again is cruel.

And puppies aren't the only animals used in these games in China. According to the Mirror, lobsters, turtles, and crabs and cats are also widely used.

This is just another example of the lack of animal protections in China and how said lack can sometimes have horrible consequences such as using live animals as game pawns or even accessories.

These machines are cruel and put animal lives in danger all to make a buck. Please sign the petition and ask the Chinese governmen to investigate this horrible video and ban these live animal claw machines. This must end now.
Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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