Palestinian Animals are starving in Gaza. We respectfully ask Israel & the U.S to allow NGO's to include animal supplies in convoys

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Animals much like the Palestinians in Gaza are starving.

While irregular and inadequate amounts of human aid have been allowed into Gaza during brief pauses in bombing, the crucial issue of animal welfare remains overlooked within this entire 41 kilometre by 6-12 kilometre wide area.

The only animal shelter in Gaza, Sulala and its brave founder Saeed and his deeply dedicated shelter workers have been working at enormous risk to themselves to provide shelter, food and care to injured, disabled and displaced animals since the Israeli forces began their bombardment. Sulala Society for Animal Care in Gaza are the sole carers for strays, those already protected within their shelters, and now countless Palestinian's animals including cats, dogs, sheep, horses, donkeys, and birds.

But what we have feared has now happened. Sulala is down to the very last of its stockpile of food. This is a dire situation. These animals, much like their owners have no access to water, food, and medical supplies.

After more than a month of bombing, these animals are suffering due to injury and a lack of shelter and now have their desperation compounded by the scarcity of food, water and medical supplies.

Working horses and donkeys in particular, due to the lack of fuel are now essential for transportation, while lacking sufficient food, compounding their misery.

Palestinian's care for their animals deeply and consider them family. Many displaced Palestinians have taken their animals at considerable hardship with them to refugee camps. These animals provide much needed comfort for injured and traumatised children and babies.

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, these support animals are facing the most dire and painful of conditions. It is for this reason and on behalf of Saeed, and his beloved Sulala Society for Animal Care, we urgently seek assistance in facilitating the necessary pressure or priority to ensure the entry of essential animal aid into Gaza. Specifically, we request:

1. Cat and dog food (dry and canned)
2. Veterinary medicine supplies, focusing on anti-parasite medication
3. Food for donkeys, horses, and birds

Addressing the plight of these animals is a humanitarian imperative, contributing not only to their well-being but also to avoid rampant disease and death, in an area already decimated.

Given the scale of need, we propose the following United Nations organisations and political members active (or influential) in the occupied Palestininian territories or in Animal Rights by sending (or encouraging the sending) of multiple trucks to ensure aid reaches the millions of animals in Gaza.

Please sign this petition which we will then circulate to the following organisations to highlight this disastrous situation for the remaining animals in Gaza.

OCHA (organisation for the coordination of humanitarian affairs),
UNRWA (UN organisation created to meet Palestinian refugee needs since 1948), UNCAHP (UN Convention on Animal Health and Protection)
FAO (food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations)
World Food Programme
The Egyptian Red Crescent:
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres
Global Empowerment mission
World Organisation for Animal Health:
Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organisation
Qatar government communications office
European civil protection and humanitarian aid operations
Mary Lou McDonald Sein Fein
Georgie Purcell Animal Justice Party MP
Emma Hurst Animal Justice Party MP
Cr Julie Sloan Animal Justice Party
Cr Matt Stellino Animal Justice Party
Penny Wong
David Pocock MP
Ursula Von Der Leyen (president of the European Commission) you can fill out contact form via:
US office of Palestinian Affairs:

Fundraiser for the Animals in the Middle East

If you wish to donate to the shelter and its workers please do so at the link below. Direct donations are difficult in the occupied territory. Animals Australia is able to receive funds on their behalf.

Additional Articles on Sulala Animal Rescue

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Signera petitionen
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