Punish Abuser Who Set Her Dog On Fire!

    What kind of human being could set a dog on fire?!

    Add your name if you want to make sure animal abusers face severe consequences for the things they do to helpless animals!

    "A woman is under arrest for allegedly lighting a dog on fire in Sacramento County.

    "The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says 56-year-old Petra Gabriel and her sister had dogs that got into a scuffle earlier in July.

    "Detectives say the dogs were quickly separated, but Petra allegedly then sprayed some sort of accelerant on one of the dogs then lit him on fire.

    "A brindle pit bull named Doody, deputies say the dog may possibly lose both eyes and an ear from the burns," reported CBS Sacramento.

    Imagine the torture poor Doody must have experienced...

    He must have cried out in agony as the flames burned away his flesh.

    There is no excuse for cruelty like this.

    People who harm animals must be punished.

    Senator Bernie Sanders has been a long-term advocate for animal rights, and has co-sponsored numerous pieces of legislation to protect endangered species, as well as to combat animal cruelty.

    That's why we're asking him to lead a movement in Congress that would punish convicted animal abusers severely.

    Don't you want to protect helpless animals from the likes of Petra Gabriel?

    Then add your name to ask Bernie Sanders to take charge of this issue and impose strict punishments on people who abuse animals!

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    Signera petitionen
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