To Stop Theresa May Bringing Fox Hunting Back

  • av: catherine F
  • mottagare: UK Government John Leech Lib Dems, English Dems, Labour MP James Corbin

It took years to stop Fox Hunting and now for some crazy reason's Theresa May wants to bring FoxHunting Back
It will be heartbreaking on Fox families foxes being chased for miles for what the fun of it well no the Fox will come to more harm even death( leaving fox cubs to fend for themselves if they are found people will often having sanctuaries taking them and care for them rear them up these places don't get government funding and have to rely on volunteers and good willed people to help them and have to fun raise themselves constantly  So resources can be strained. 

So many animals are left orphaned at the hands of the wrong people the government took years to Ban Fox Hunting after so many protests too.

Please, all it takes is a second to support a very worthy cause to save thousands of foxes dying a slow and agonising death. Don't let Theresa May lift the ban on Fox Hunting blood is on her hands for even thinking about it !

Firstly Thank you for your time and support for helping us as a universal community to keep the Ban on FoxHunting it is a cruel and barbaric pointless Sport where the Fox is hunted and sometimes left maimed seriously hurt, and in agony.

No animal whether wild or tame  should be hunted down within a few hours of its life it costs thousands of pounds to start these hunts up (our taxes) thousands of beagles, racing over greenery some getting hurt ( did you know Beagles suffer from Epilepsy).

So they should not be stressed or put in stressful situations .It is and has been an extremely cruel blood sport for centuries and lots of organisations ( including actors and actresses) have been working tirelessly over the last 40 years to ban Fox Hunting and only a few years ago The law changed and fox Hunting was Banned in England.

Please Sign and share and on behalf of all the Foxes...

Thank you for protecting and saving their lives so they can carry on with their lives enjoying bringing their families up.

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