Demand Congress pass a permitless gun carry ban!

As horrifying mass shootings occur more and more often, right-wing state legislators across the country are responding by making it EASIER for people to acquire dangerous killing machines, including by passing permitless carry.

Permitless carry allows people to walk into a store, purchase a gun, and then carry it around with them without a license, training, or any kind of commonsense double-checking to make sure they're at least nominally responsible enough to carry a gun.

Tell Congress to end permitless gun carry for GOOD!

What this sets up is pure anarchy, where people pull guns on each other over road rage incidents, during racial profiling incidents in which someone convinces themselves it's acceptable to shoot someone to stop a crime — like when a Walgreens employee shot a pregnant woman accused of shoplifting.

Permitless carry will INCREASE gun deaths in the United States, not reduce them. The American public has already made it painfully clear that they are not responsible enough to be trusted with weapons; making it easier for guns to be carried in public is madness.

Demand Congress pass a permitless gun carry ban!

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