Reprimand WV teacher who grabbed the microphone from an autistic student

  • av: Let's Show Love
  • mottagare: Dr. Mark Manchin, Superintendent, Harrison County Board of Education; West Virginia State Board of Education

Doctor Mark Manchin

During a Thanksgiving production at Nutter Fort Primary, a teacher takes the microphone from the stage preventing one of your students from participating. Now in your video to the press, Doctor Manchin, you claim that there was no malice of intentions. yet as a person in her position, as an advocate and care taker of children, Lucinda McCullough had the opportunity to make it right and place the microphone back, but she choose to be cold AND break the heart of an elementary boy who already may have a harder time dealing with the heart break due to his autism.

We should not only know better, but should teach better.

Here is the heart-breaking video of the production where Caleb was denied the chance to deliver the line he had practiced for.

I hope that we as a community of signers can agree that nothing but love and growth is wished for the teacher, Lucinda McCullough, Caleb, and the families. This isn't even about making an example, and I hope that doesn't play any part in motivating any form of action taken regarding this situation.

I hope we can look at this with as open of a mind as we can, and see how to help all involved. I strongly hope that we can all show Lucinda McCullough the same kindness we hoped was continuously shown for Caleb. I say continuously because I do want to thank the educators involved that did take the time to ensure Caleb participated, but kind actions don't cancel out negative ones. In Education you have to have a plan and patience for productions like this. Clearly this wasn't the plan, and sadly the district is suffering from it. I truly wish that weren't case. Where there is a demand for a solution, lies a problem. With this petition, I can only hope it be an advocate for everyone. If Lucinda McCullough's heart is set on education (and who are we to deny anyone their passion) then maybe some time out of the classroom and re-education and training would prove to be beneficial for all. A boy was unnecessarily hurt due to a lack of foresight and education. Lets work together to fix that <3

Schools home page

Here is a PO Box provided by Calebs mom where cards and things can be sent to him:

PO BOX 1784 Clarksburg, Wv 2630

The petition will be sent to the school district as well as the State Board of Education in West Virginia at 1900 Kanawha Blvd E # 351, Charleston, WV 25305

Hard copies of the petition will be sent to both the schools local district office as well as the State Board of Education West Virginia at 1900 Kanawha Blvd E # 351, Charleston, WV 25305, at the 5000 marker and again at the 8000. We aren't anticipating any certain cap so petitions will just keep being sent out as we reach more goals! Thank you everyone for your efforts in this stand. We stand to make sure we can rest easy that this never happens again. With the proper education, training, and staff. Thank you for being change!❤

Uppdatera #14 år sedan
Thank you to everyone SO much for signing. I'm trying to reach out to family and see how we as a community can try to make this right for Caleb <3. I have found more info regarding the educators in positions worth contacting and have added it to the description. Every board member has been contacted and now we can only hope they choose to stand with Caleb and allow Mrs Lindsey to grow from this.
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