Tell the Trump judges to stop letting Trump delay his trials

Donald Trump and his lawyers are doing whatever they can to delay his trials. Filing frivolous motions, repeatedly calling for the cases to be dismissed, and doing whatever they can to delay justice.

They are trying to run out the clock, in the hope that Trump wins the election, and can pardon himself or simply ignore the justice system altogether. And in too many instances, judges have been letting him get away with this, taking too much time to address this nonsense, and giving him way more leeway than a typical defendant would get.

This needs to stop NOW. Trump is a clear and present threat to our democracy and our way of life, and we can't allow him to escape punishment for his crimes. In each case, he has the right to a trial, but it must happen in a timely fashion -- or it may never happen at all.

Sign the petition: Tell the Trump judges to stop letting Trump delay his trials!

Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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