Demand Judge Aileen Cannon recuse herself from the Trump case

Demand that this absurdly biased judge recuse herself from the Trump case.

Just hours after news broke that Donald Trump had been indicted on multiple counts for federal crimes, it was revealed that the judge overseeing the case would be none other than Aileen Cannon. This was the judge whose rulings on an earlier Trump issue were so ridiculously biased and untethered to the law, that they were overturned and eviscerated by a higher court.

There is no way in hell that she should be overseeing this case. And she needs to recuse herself immediately. Please sign the petition, and demand that she do so ASAP.

How biased is this judge? Biased enough to completely ignore the law itself:

"That would be the same Trump-appointed, Trump-serving Cannon who completely overlooked existing law to appoint a "special master" to help Trump keep documents from being reviewed by the Department of Justice. The same Cannon who supported the most ridiculous claims from Trump's third-rate legal team. The same Cannon who, when the special master made reasonable demands on Trump's team, overruled the judge she had appointed to give Trump gift after gift in rulings so ridiculous even right-wing pundits seemed shocked. It would be the same Cannon whose actions in this case were absolutely shredded in a ruling from the 11th Circuit that tossed out everything she had done, except the two months of stalling she achieved for Trump." (source: Daily Kos)

Again, there is no way in hell that she should be overseeing this case.

Please sign the petition, and demand that she recuse herself NOW.

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Signera petitionen
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