Keeping Condoms in Your Purse Should Not Allow Police to Arrest You for Prostitution!

  • mottagare: California State Senators and Assembly Members, California
Predators target sex workers because they know we are afraid to report assault, rape and robbery to law enforcement. And when predators get away with violence against our community, they become a threat to the whole of society.

California Senate Bill 233 (SB 233) clarifies law enforcement priorities and encourages the police to take crimes against sex workers seriously. When law enforcement are clear about their jobs, predators are held accountable and the safety of all Californians increases.

SB 233 protects anyone reporting a serious crime (such as assault or trafficking) from being charged with prostitution under California Penal Code 647 - and removes condom possession as probable cause for arrest for prostitution.

The long-standing use of condom possession to make prostitution arrests creates an environment that disincentivizes condom use. But with SB 233, sex workers can be the front line of prevention of the spread of STIs - with consequent clear benefits for public health.

Please sign this petition to tell your California representatives to vote YES on SB 233!

The Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project (ESPLERP) is a diverse community-based coalition non profit advancing sexual privacy rights through litigation, education, and research.
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Because of your signature on this petition, SB233 passed out of the California Senate Floor last week. From all the people whose voices have been silenced through criminalization, THANK YOU!
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