Tennessee Walking Horses in the show named the Big Lick are severely abused. Demand a law against the Big Lick!

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Tennessee Walking Horses are gentle, peaceful and loving horses. They are subjected to a tragic and horrible tradition where they are abused beyond imagination. The so called "Big Lick" is an unnatural, cruelty imposed way of gait where the hooves are quickly lifted up very high, to avoid pain.

The horse is trying in vain to avoid the undescribable pain that the hooves touching the ground generates. The Humane Society of the US have been trying hard to push for a law against this animal abuse. The show participants call them selves "world champions" but there are no representatives from the rest of the world. This puts the state Tennessee on the map on their own.

The lower legs near the hooves is treated with caustic substance until it is sored/wounded deep in to the flesh, above that heavy metal chains are fastened with the intention to generate immence pain. Above that a heavy oversized padded shoe is put on under the hoove with metal nails it - so that when the horse places the hoove on the ground it hurts SO BAD that the horse lifts the hooves high above normal rate to avoid the unbareable pain. In making the horse stand on their hooves and walk at all, (wich they of course try to avoid, they lay down when ever they can wich is very unnatural)- the (so called) trainer whip and beat the horse until it "walks" in the way the (so called) trainer wants.

This is not anything else than a bloodsport based on severe and uncomprehencive abuse. The so called Big Lick is a helpless severely tortured horse with eyes expressing fear and pain!

A horse that is walking in the so called "Big Lick" way of walk is a wounded horse and in severe pain!! Thank You from my heart for giving your time and a voice for these beautiful, kind, innocent and so gentle souls. Please also share and see the update info,

This petition will be sent to the United States Department of Agricultulture.

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Viewers discretion - graphic: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gxVlxT_x-f0

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Dear supporter
This cruelty is still going on to this day
Please share this petition and also mail
Tennessee walking horses breeders association and tell them to end this now:
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Please read and share this article - creating awareness of this torture:
Please share the petition on every social media you’ve got

Thousand of suffering horses sais: Thank You from our heart
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Please read:

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Write The Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration through their form in the link below and tell them what you think of them arranging their Big Lick Show.

Their link for contacting them:

More fresh info from the Humane Society on these tortured souls:
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