Animal Care Facilities need inspections regularly

    There are several animal shelters that are flying under Radars in Tennessee. Some are not licensed to do what they do. Some are not even registered with the IRS but yet claim to be a 5013c non-profit organization. Some misuse the monetary donations. Some do not keep records of animals that come through there. Some do not even take them to the vet for care. Some allowed diseases like parvos or something to come into their facility but do not properly clean for it therefore making it contagious for other animals that come through there and possibly life threatening for them. I think all of the facilities need to be reported as being a facility and need inspections on regular basis. I think also that the inspection should be random and where the facility does not know that they're coming in. If they are aware that people are going to come in and do inspections they can always tidy things up to make them look good. However if they never know when they're coming then they always have to be on their toes to do the right thing. Animals have no voice so we have to be a voice for them. They deserve love food water veterinarian care and to have a safe environment to be in. We should be more in control of how animals are treated when they are in the care of other people until they can find their forever home.
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