Expel Rep. James Comer for using Russian lies to smear Biden!

For over a year, Rep. James Comer has been endlessly honking about how FBI informant Alexander Smirnov's testimony was the smoking gun that would bring down the Biden administration.

But it turns out that informant's testimony was nothing but a crock of lies fed to him by Russian agents — which would make James Comer a willing accomplice in a foreign power's disinformation campaign against the President of the United States.

Kick James Comer out of Congress!

There's only two possibilities here: either James Comer knew he was spreading lies to deliberately impugn the reputation of the President in order to levy trumped-up false charges against him, or he's too lazy and stupid to recognize when he's being fed patently absurd conspiracies.

Either way, he has humiliated himself and as someone who has aided and abetted a foreign power to smear the leader of the United States, he should be expelled from Congress immediately.

Expel Rep. James Comer for using Russian lies to smear Biden!

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