2,400 Sheep Died Because of Carelessness. Demand Justice Now.

  • av: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: David Littleproud, Minister of Agriculture
Emanuel Exports doesn't seem to be too good at its job. The company has, once again, caused the death of a staggering number of sheep that was in their care. The live exporter was shipping around 64,000 animals to the Middle East but just under 62,000 made it there alive.

Now the Australian Department of Agriculture is investigating just how a company whose sole duty is delivering products in good condition, managed to lose a pretty hefty chunk of their cargo.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Emanuel Exports has been responsible for a mass death of sheep. In 2016 the Perth-based exporters lost more than 3,000 head of sheep.

Australia has strict live animal shipping laws and regulations that help ensure animals aren't treated cruelly during the journey nor in the country for which they are destined. In fact, the government has banned or suspended live exports to countries like Indonesia and Egypt in the past.

If Emanuel Exports can't comply with Australian laws and are unable to deliver live sheep in healthy condition then the government should no longer allow them to do so. After more than 5,000 animals have died under their care in just two shipments, the government should have all the proof they need.

Please sign the petition and ask David Littleproud, the agriculture minister, to ban Emanuel Exports from live animal shipments.
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Signera petitionen
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