Condemn the Vice Chancellor of J'pura University for Killing Innocent Dogs!

The petition is to ask for justice for the innocent dogs who were living inside of the premises of University of Jayawardhanapura. They had being there from birth and they were very friendly and attached wit all the kind students and staff. The students confirm that there was no harm from them. The students had formed few students clubs for the welfare of these dogs and they took care of their food and medicines both.

Even they has arranged a sterilization and vaccination camp to be held on 16th April and despite that the Vice Chancellor had conducted this brutal act. We highly condemn this babaric and unprofessional act of the vice chancellor and of the pest control company called "Ultra clean" who performed the dumping, which is illegal to be done by a pest control company and of the PHI who supported this.

We would like to ask those who are involved in this illegal act, who is going to take the responsibility of these innocent lives?? Who is going to answer the young students who did a lot day and night to save these innocent lives?? Who is going to bear the responsibility of the public live in the area where you dumped these dogs in??as it's illegal to dump dogs and also it creates a threat to the public health. And also we would like to ask the vice chancellor that how ethical is it to hire a pest control company to catch dogs??

And we are highly disgust with what happened as vice chancellor failed to respect hon Minister Faizar Musthapah's guarantee that the newly appointed animal welfare committee will be definitely informed if any dog catching or removing is taking place. So we compel hon Minister Muzthapah also to take an action against this brutal and unethical act. Please sign this petition and give your support to save these innocent animals.
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