Turn Up For Kids and Support the Sibling School Breakfast Act

Right now, children are out of school due to COVID-19. Governments and communities are rallying to ensure kids who rely on school meals are fed during this difficult time. It's a reminder of just how important School Breakfast Programs are for families, especially school age children and younger siblings, facing food insecurity. 

Childhood hunger is a problem that impacts every state and community. Sadly, 1 in 4 kids struggle with food insecurity in the U.S. Without the proper nutrition to begin their day, hungry kids simply can't learn. 

The School Breakfast Program is an important tool in making sure kids get the healthy food they need, but many elementary school students who rely on free or reduced-price meals have younger siblings at home who are also suffering with food insecurity and could benefit from a free breakfast or morning snack.

While families are waiting for school to reopen, Discovery Inc., through its initiative "Turn Up! Fight Hunger," is calling on advocates like you to support The Sibling School Breakfast Act.

This legislation, introduced by Assemblymember Nazarian, would require the CA Department of Education to issue instructions for how school districts could serve a student's younger siblings and their parents a reimbursable meal at their child's elementary school. It will create a pathway to combatting community hunger by meeting families where they are, in their own neighborhoods, to accommodate needs.

Add your name to this petition and ask your elected officials to pass The Sibling School Breakfast Act or similar legislation in your own community to give all kids a healthy start by helping to increase access to school breakfast.

We, the undersigned, want to make childhood hunger a thing of the past, starting by enacting smart, efficient policies that make sure child nutrition programs reach every child who needs them. The support of our elected officials is crucial to getting kids the nutrition they need each day.

We support the Sibling School Breakfast Act and similar legislation in other communities around the country that will instruct school districts on how they can serve breakfast to the younger siblings of students as well as their parent or guardian who join them.

By supporting increased access to child nutrition programs, we will make substantial progress to ensure every kid gets the nutrition they need to reach their full potential.

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Signera petitionen
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