Act On Climate Change: Transition The West To A Clean Energy, Zero-Carbon Future

More frequent and catastrophic wildfires, multi-decadal drought, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and billions of dollars in economic losses. These are just a few of the devastating impacts of unchecked climate change laid out by the U.S. government's latest National Climate Assessment.

We know the leading cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels for electricity and transportation, but the window in which we have to TAKE ACTION is shrinking. We must act now to reduce greenhouse gas pollution across the West.

The good news is that Western states have a unique opportunity to lead the transition to a clean energy future. By harnessing our abundant and affordable sunshine, wind, and geothermal power, and by using energy more efficiently and modernizing our electric grid, the West can create thousands of clean energy jobs, eliminate air pollution, and cut carbon emissions &mash; while protecting community health and strengthening economies.

We need people to demand that their leaders take action. Policies like zero-emission vehicle standards, renewable and carbon pricing at the state level are crucial in transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. Now is the time to tell your state leaders to support initiatives that will help us transition to a clean energy, zero-carbon future.

Sign and urge your state leaders to support clean energy initiatives now. Together, the West can decarbonize and act on climate change before it is too late.
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Signera petitionen
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